A Little Concept Called Creation

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A Little Concept Called Creation

Science and religion, religion and science – any way you put them (at least in my eyes) you got two studies of the beginning of life that would never intersect. After reading a portion of Paul Davies’ G-d and the new physics I have learned otherwise. In the section’s I read, I found that while the book tended to get a bit intellectual and less college friendly, certain topics produced a yield that was really unlike anything I’ve read before.

It should be put out there prior to diving into discussion topics that obviously two schools of thought will be presented, the sciences and the religious. The following are two almost definitions given by Davies:
“Science is based on careful observation and experiments enabling theories to be constructed which connect different experiences. Central to this approach is the willingness of the scientist to abandon a theory if evidence is produced against it…Religion is founded on revelation and received wisdom. Religious dogma that claims to contain an unalterable Truth can hardly be modified to changing ideas. The true believer must stand by his faith whatever the apparent evidence against it is. (6)
It is by these two definitions that most of this paper will be centered around, and very important that everyone who reads this knows how I have defined these topics and those who subscribe to them.

“…Any system of thought that claims to provide an understanding of the physical world must make some statement about the origin of the world.” (7) It is with that thought I would suggest that there is very strong importance and continuing relevance of the religious concept “creation” both in the secular (science) world and the spiritual (religious) world. We learn almost from the beginning of this book that for the greatest amount of people on earth, religion is the biggest influence over the…...

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