A Magnificent Catastrophe

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A Magnificent Catastrophe

The book A Magnificent Catastrophe, by Edward J. Larson, is the story of the first presidential campaign in America. The future of the United States of America was in this election and whatever its outcome would be how the United States would start out as this new independent country. This book throws a lot of information about the making of the country and the making of its constitutions. A Magnificent Catastrophe talks about the events leading up to the declaration of independence, the wars and obstacles it had to over come, what happened after independence was declared, and the downfall between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
Lets start at the beginning with the American Revolution, which occurred in 1765 all the way through 1783. This is where John Adams and Thomas Jefferson’s friendship began. In 1775 the first Congressional Congress was held which is where the friendship of Adams and Jefferson began, they were the best of friends for years. In 1776, Adams served with Jefferson on the committee to write the Declaration of independence. After writing the Declaration of Independence they were sent to Europe to represent the United States and try and gain support from the Europeans for their county. This made their relationship grow stronger; their families began to become close with one another. Abigail Adams, John Adams wife, would work with Adams and Jefferson with whatever they needed, whether it was advice on what the government should do or how the constitution should be written, she was their and was a big part of their success. “For Jefferson, Abigail Adams became a trusted source of personal and family advice from a woman who was his intellectual equal”(2007. 9). Abigail was the first, First Lady that was an active member in the government. She often had a hard time keeping her mouth shut on certain topics. She had to…...

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