A Plan to Enhance Performance

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A Plan to Enhance Performance
MGMT 500 – Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management Aug 16, 2014
Dr. David Moody
Southwestern College Professional Studies
I will explain in this paper how the ACHIEVE Model can be used to identity and diagnose issues that if addressed will increase employee productivity. The purpose of the research was to explain how being granted time to work out during duty hours would benefit the employee and the organization. I looked at the regulation that cover fitness in the Air Force and compared it to how my organizational actually conducts their fitness program. The research proved being physically fit greatly contributes to performance readiness levels. The Air Force currently has a fitness plan for their members however, it is not equally adhered to by all members. There are two reason why one, some Airmen just cannot break away from their job to exercise during duty. The other reason is not all squadrons grant the authorized 90 minutes during duty to exercise. Overall the Air Force does a good job when it comes to fitness, but there is room for improvement.

Physical Fitness Leads to Increased Productivity at Work
Leaders have many responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities leaders have is keeping employees motivated while sustaining a high level of performance. This can be a challenge because motivational and hygiene factors vary from employee to employee. Organizations expect a high level of performance from employees to generate a net profit and provide good customer service. Senior management empowers first line supervisors and mid-level management to lead and motivate employees to get and sustain a level of high performance. When there is a drop in performance, leaders are expected to engage and diagnose the reason and implement a course of action to…...

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