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Morehead State University | Accreditation and Evaluation Summary | IMS 421 | Marvin Stevenson

1. Differentiate between programmatic and institutional accreditation.
Continuing one’s education above the high school is an important decision and a life changing event. Therefore attending a college that offers accredited degrees can make a huge difference in a person’s future. A college program that is not accredited can mean, you are not eligible for federal financial aid, may not be able to transfer credits to another college or university, and you may not be able to attain an appropriate professional licensure in your field. This is why it is important for students to be aware of the type of accreditation offered by schools or the lack of accreditation missing by them. Therefore it is important to know the difference be the two types of accreditations.
An institutional accredited program achieves its accreditation through representatives from dedicated accrediting institutions evaluate colleges and universities. This is a means for colleges and universities to assess their own performance and compare themselves to other schools. Before being granted institutional accreditation status, all aspects of a college or university are evaluated. If a school is awarded accreditation means that the institution meets certain standards of educational quality.
In addition, institutional accreditation is more comprehensive and indicates that the institution has achieved quality standards in areas of faculty, administration, curriculum, students’ services and over financial well-being and is held in high regards in the world of education. However, institutional accreditation is not necessarily a guarantee that credits will transfer between institutions.
The second type of accreditations, programmatic accreditation (sometimes known as specialized)…...

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