Against Domestic Violence

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Against Domestic Violence
Koel Chowdhury
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Domestic Violence
You think you love him, and you also think he loves you too. However, you always end up arguing about every little thing and his words soon turn into abuse. He says it will never happen again, he will never again hurt you. Then brings you a gift that makes you change your mind and perhaps makes you think he will change and give him another chance. Things seem to get better for a bit till he gets angry again and another fight breaks out over what? You cannot even recall why it started. One thing leads to the next, and once again things get out of hand. You live a life of fear all day, all night. Is there really nothing more to life? Do you deserve to get beaten for what you think, what you do? Your life does not need to be this way, he doesn’t love you if he did he would respect you and treat you well without abuse and tears. Nobody deserves such pain, and if one faces this they should just get up, leave, and never turn back.
Domestic violence is any type of abuse which includes physical contact, mental, emotional and sexual in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence happens in all types of cultures, race, education level, and socioeconomic status. To a certain extent it exists in every society, community and social class all over the world, throughout history. Domestic violence can sometimes be viewed as a power hungry issue where one has the need to feel more dominant over the other it can happen to both males and females. Both sexes can experience being in a domestic violent relationship, even though it is more commonly seen women as victims. Regardless, at the end of the day nobody deserves to be with a partner that they are scared to be around, someone that abuses them physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually. Nobody should stay in the relationship just out of…...

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