An Analysis of Mary Bell

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An Analysis Of Mary Bell
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CRJ 180 Professor Abreu

At such a young age of eleven years, Mary Bell had nearly perfected the intricate, deceptive and disturbing superior intelligence outlining the characteristics of a psychopath. Her actions to rule her in such a category included the murders of two young boys, Martin Brown, age 4, and Brian Howe, age 3. Also uncovered throughout the investigation into her, it became known that, even before Martin’s death, Mary had physically hurt several other children. One of these incidences, she later admitted to pushing her cousin, a three-year-old boy, off a ledge several feet above the ground. The disturbingly keen wit Mary had developed sparked her to show initiative to find this boy behind some empty sheds near a pub, bleeding from the head. Incidentally, where she “found” him was right where she had left him. After murdering Brian Howe, Mary insistently wanted Brian’s older sister, Pat, to discover his lifeless body in order to shock her. Mary led his sister to the industrial area where many of the kids in the town often played among the construction materials, old cars, and dangerous wreckage. Mary even pointed out some large concrete blocks to Pat, encouraging her that that’s where her brother might be playing. Sure enough, later that night, the Newcastle Police found Brian’s body between the rocks, covered with grass and purple weeds. Brian Howe had been strangled; his thighs appeared to have puncture marks from a pair of broken scissors that laid nearby, and his genitals had been somewhat skinned. Moreover, a razor blade had been used to sign the letter “M” into Brian’s belly. The inspector investigating the murder, James Dobson, described the wounds as bizarre. He stated, “There was a terrible playfulness about it, a terrible gentleness if you like, and somehow the playfulness of it made it more,…...

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