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Drug Abuse Annotated Bibliography
In today’s society, drug abuse, whether it be prescription or recreational, is becoming more and more popular. Steroids are another form of drug abuse. They are illegal and are very common in the sporting scene. Many of the people abusing these drugs do not at all realize the harm that they are doing to themselves. The sources I chose to support my argument were chosen because of their credibility and their accuracy. They all give either statistics or information on how bad the side effects of drug abuse are.
"Addiction and Substance Abuse." Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 19 Nov. 2012. Web. 31 Mar. 2014. <>
In this article, the author(s) discuss many viewpoints on drug abuse. They explain supporters and opponents’ viewpoints on drug being kept illegal. An argument that I found that would support my own argument was the supporters’ idea that legalizing drugs will only make things worse by letting more and more people get into them and become dependent on them. My point in using this as a source is not to discuss legalizing drugs, but merely showing how people do know that they are wrong and can have negative, long-lasting effects on users. Marijuana is a gateway drug, and can be harmful if used over long periods of time. Long-time users have experienced permanent short-term memory problems, lung damage, and slowed reaction time.
"Drug Abuse Effects." Drug Abuse Effects. Coalition Against Drug Abuse, 2014. Web. 30 Mar. 2014. <> This article was very descriptive of what drugs do to the user when consumed and what their permanent effects are. It describes many of the negative effects that almost any drug imaginable can do to the consumer’s body and how…...

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