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Starbucks Human Resource * Recruiting and Hiring
Starbucks realized early on that motivated and committed human resources were the key to the success of a retail business. Therefore the company took great care in selecting the right kind of people and made an effort to retain them. Consequently, the company's human resource policies reflected its commitment to its employees. Starbucks relied on its baristas and other frontline staff to a great extent in creating the “Starbucks Experience' which differentiated it from competitors. Therefore the company paid considerable attention to the kind of people it recruited. Starbucks' recruitment motto was "To have the right people hiring the right people."
Starbucks hired people for qualities like adaptability, dependability and the ability to work in a team. The company often stated the qualities that it looked for in employees upfront in its job postings, which allowed prospective employees to self-select themselves to a certain extent. Having selected the right kind of people, Starbucks invested in training them in the skills they would require to perform their jobs efficiently. Starbucks was one of the few retail companies to invest considerably in employee training and provide comprehensive training to all classes of employees, including part-timers. * Human resources strategy
Human Resources Strategy: Starbucks believes that the Company

is in the “people development” business as well as in the coffee business.

As stated in its mission

“Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity”,

Starbucks realizes that one of the most important resources contributing to

success is their employees or “partners” as referred by the Company. Starbucks is attempting to

imbed its values in the Company culture. They use these values to give…...

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