Atm Security Enhancement

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International Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Engineering
Volume 3, Issue (1) NCRTCST, ISSN 2249 –071X

National Conference on Research Trends in Computer Science and Technology - 2012

Implementation of ATM Security by Using Fingerprint recognition and GSM




Abstract - The main objective of this system is to develop an embedded system, which is used for ATM security applications. In these systems, Bankers will collect the customer finger prints and mobile number while opening the accounts then customer only access ATM machine. The working of these ATM machine is when customer place finger on the finger print module when it access automatically generates every time different 4-digit code as a message to the mobile of the authorized customer through
GSM modem connected to the microcontroller. The code received by the customer should be entered by pressing the keys on the touch screen. After entering it checks whether it is a valid one or not and allows the customer further access.
Keywords - ATM terminal; ARM9; fingerprint recognition; image enhancement; GSM MODEM.

Now-a-days, in the self-service banking system has got extensive popularization with the characteristic offering high-quality 24 hours service for customer. Using the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) which provide customers with the convenient banknote trading is very common. However, the financial crime case rises repeatedly in recent years, a lot of criminals tamper with the ATM terminal and steal user's credit card and password by illegal means. Once user's bank card is lost and the password is stolen, the criminal will draw all cash in the shortest time, which will bring enormous financial losses to…...

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