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B & L Advertising ωThe Alternative Way of Thinkingω

I hereby certify that I am the author of this document and that any assistance I received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in the document. I have also cited all sources from which I obtained data, ideas, or words that are copied directly or paraphrased in the document. Sources are properly credited according to accepted standards for professional publications. I also certify that this paper was prepared by me for this purpose.

For my mini venture project, I was originally going to market baked goods and sell them at the farmer’s market on Saturday, May 15. However, due to a lack of vendor spots and my roommates having to work, my initial business plan ceased to begin. Instead, I partnered up with Ben Bergen and we developed an advertising business called B & L Advertising. Our company’s main goal was to give local merchants more exposure by going out and promoting their businesses around main attractions in the city; the farmer’s market and the busy downtown core. Our team made up of Ben and myself, along with my roommate Eryn and Ben’s friend Tracy proceeded to walk around downtown Halifax last Saturday wearing bright red t-shirts promoting “The Daily Grind”, “Bookmark”, “Sweet Jane’s”, “Ambience”, and “Atlantic News.” The following paragraphs will be portraying a few lessons that I learned while being in business with Ben:

Take advantage of comparative advantage: When working in a partnership, you will be a lot more efficient if you take into account each others strengths and use them to your advantage. In our case, Ben had a lot more success than I did while dealing with the businesses, so consequently he became in charge of building up our clientele and acting as a liaison between both parties. I on the other hand was more efficient in the t-shirt and design…...

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