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Lindsay Mae Parone
Professor Haley
Informative Speech
24 October 2013
Informative Speech: Theories of Dream Analysis
Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my classmates about the theories of psychoanalysis and neuroscience in defining the function of dreams.
Attention Getter: Have you ever had those dreams wherein you feel as though you have fallen from an elevated area and suddenly, you are awaken by a jolt from your physical body as if you were actually in that situation? Many will say that dreams of falling are a sign of the fear of failing or a feeling of anxiousness about something you are about to encounter.
Thesis Statement: Although there are several theories in defining the purpose of dreaming, the expression of emotional experiences and subconscious thoughts, and the development of brain processes demonstrate why dreams are important.
Credibility Statement: Last spring, I took my first psychology class under Professor Noble. I became really interested about the different theories of dream analysis, two of which I will share with you.
Preview: Today, I will discuss about the function of dreams through two significant theories of psychoanalysis and neuroscience. First, I will present the ideas and approach that psychoanalysts take in explaining the purpose of dreams.
I. An approach that relates the expressions of one’s fears and emotions, psychoanalysis presents the belief that dreams are not merely a compilation of images and memories. A. Sigmund Freud, a well-known psychologist, introduced the idea of the subconscious as an influencing factor in a person’s dream behavior. 1. First, Freud became known for having presented the three levels of awareness: the conscious, preconscious and subconscious. a. The conscious state comprises of the actions and thoughts a person has that he is aware of. Moreover, the preconscious…...

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