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Article Rebuttal
Christine MacRae
BCOM 275
February 23, 2015
Lloyd Krieger

Article Rebuttal
According to an article found on the Natural News website, vaccines are one of the primary contributing factors related to increased rates of autism. (Adams, 2014) The article goes on to provide supporting quotes from various authors on the subject. Of those supporting quotes, some claim that a preservative called thimerosal found in vaccines, such as the flu shot, is the culprit. Another author’s method of persuasion was rhetoric in their comparison of the ‘dangerous’ vaccines to faulty tires. Despite the many claims that vaccines are to blame and the growing hysteria in parents against vaccines, there has been no hard evidence supplied to support these claims.
The frenzy surrounding vaccinations began when Dr. Andrew Wakefield wrote a counterfeit research paper claiming that there was a link between the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccines and autism. The doctor has since been discredited as he was paid over $700,000 by an interested party, to falsify his research and findings in a related lawsuit against the vaccine’s manufacturer. (Salahi, ABC News, 2011) However, even after Dr. Wakefield’s claim has been proven to be false and lack any supporting evidence, there are still those who cannot be convinced otherwise.
Years later, there is still a substantial following of parents who believe that vaccines stand to do more harm than good in regards to their children’s health. Hearsay has been the enemy in this situation that fans the flames of these false claims. Everyone knows someone who has a child or knows a child who was diagnosed with autism after being vaccinated. Unfortunately, the stories that others share of others experiences is enough to persuade parents to give vaccinations a second thought or even decide against them entirely. However, these…...

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