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Born the second son of Abe, John grew up to the realisation that he simply did not care for the responsibilities and duties that awaited his older brother Simin. Seeing all the stress that it caused his parents, John saw no logical reason why anyone would want to bear such troubles. Indeed the supposed perks of such a position often seemed to be lacking in reality compared to what was promised.
Never really growing close to his family, John instead bonded with his cousin James Bright. Despite the differences between them, the two became quick friends. Whilst James educated John on the various poliitical debates ongoing in the capital of Silvermoon, John would in turn instruct James in basic martial combat that he had himself received training for.
John was looked down upon by his older brother, who was on the path to becoming a Magister, the same as James. John was under the prospect of joining either the military or the Church of Light. Opting to join the Priesthood, John spent the next 10 years training, four of which were spent among only those of the Church. By the time of John's acceptance into the Church, James was already well on the way with his training in the arcane arts. Upon becoming a Magister he was sent to Dalaran for further instruction, whereby he took this opportunity to advance his control over the arts and observe the political landscape involving the Alliance' various kingdoms and his home of Quel'thalas. When John left the monastery and was ordained, James was still in Dalaran and the two enjoyed frequent visits between themselves, reklindling the time lost by Johns isolation.
James's training continued in Dalaran, choosing to dip into the inner politics of the city from time to time. Meanwhile John travelled frequently between Quel'thalas and the town of Hillsbrad, preaching in most if not all major cities/locations on the way. Due to how…...

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...Contents * I. Pros and Cons of playing a Lord Knight * II. Types of Lord Knights * III. Best places to Level * IV. PvP and War of Emperium (FE,SE) * V. Final Notes I. Pros and Cons Pros Omnipotency – a Lord Knight is effective in almost all areas of the game. They can MVP, PvP, WoE, PvM. They can dish out an effective amount of damage in all these areas, they can tank, they can level solo, level in a party – they have the ability to do everything. Attack Speed – Lord Knights can achieve the highest aspd available in game probably the most easily compared to any other class. Variety – There are numerous builds related to a lord knight – Spear, One Handed Sword, Two Handed Sword, Bowling Bash, Spiral, MvP-Pierce, Berserk Build, and numerous more. Lord Knight is probably one of the most flexible classes in the game. Cons - LKs are good at everything, but not best at anything. They are able to do everything really well, but not the best in game. Lord Knight is basically “second” in everything – snipers out class Lord Knights for PvM, assassin crosses outclass Lord Knights for killing abilities, paladin outclasses Lord Knight for tanking. Gear dependant – I would say LK is one of the most gear dependant character to play with in many situations. However, I would say this is a minor con, as this may apply to other classes as well. II. Types of Lord Knights In this section, I will only present the mainstream types of Lord Knights that are deemed to be...

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...Savinga (BZ 023, NO BOX) Scissor Storm (BZ - 016, NAR) Sea Panther (Vol. 7) Shadow Arms Lizard (Yuji Kaida 14) Shiel Liger Blox (RZ - 007BX) Shield Liger (Holotech) Shield Liger DCSJ Shield Liger MK2 Slither (Zoids 2) Snipe Master (DLZ - 04, Dino Expo, WHITE) Spinosapper (RZ - 043) SRDX 1 SRDX 2 SRDX 3 Stego Ganzer (NBZ - 05) Storm Sworder Jet Sword Wolf (GZ - 007) Tiga Godos (HRZ - 10) Twinhorn (Vol. 5) Unenlagia (BZ - 002) Valga (GRZ - 9) Valga (GRZ - 9) Valkyrie Caesar (NBZ - 11) VHS form D.A. Lizard Whitz Wolf (RZ -073) Yujin Blox Set 2 (Complete Set, 6 pcs.) Yujin BloxSet 1 (Complete Set, 6 pcs.) Zabat (GZ - 06) Zeek Dober (DPZ - 13) Zeek Dober (GRZ - 7) Zenevas Memorial Box Set Zoids Head Berserk Fuhrer Zoids Head Berserk Fuhrer (Brown) Zoids Head Command Liger Zero Phoenix (Blue) Zoids Head Command Liger Zero Phoenix (Red) Zoids Head Command Wolf Zoids Head Command Wolf Irvine Zoids Head Dark Horn Zoids Head Gairyuki (Green) Zoids Head Red Horn Zoids Puzzle Zoids Sexy Fig 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 8 1 4 CABINET B BOX 1G BOX 3B BOX 3B BOX 2B Cabinet A BOX 3I BOX 2A BOX 3B BOX 3C BOX 2B BOX 3H BOX 3A BOX 3E BOX 3B BOX 2C BOX 2E BOX 3D BOX 2D BOX 2D BOX 2D BOX 2E BOX 3B BOX 1D BOX 1A BOX 3E BOX 3F BOX 1A Cabinet A BOX 1E HARD PLASTIC CASE BOX 1F BOX 1G BOX 1G BOX 3F BOX......

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