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Identification of Best Practices
Capturing, measuring, and analyzing the voice of the customer allows organizations to improve the quality of their offerings to meet customers’ needs and achieve customer satisfaction (Evans & Lindsay, 2011). Whether shopping at a retail store, reading an online article, staying at a hotel, or eating out at a restaurant, customers are encouraged to complete surveys to provide feedback about a service or a product. Often surveys are presented using a similar format to Likert Scales that provide a range of values for the customer to provide feedback (Evans & Lindsay, 2011). Surveys are prone to bias and have relatively low response rate. Using “statistically accurate polls” designed by professionals taking into account open ended questions, geographic location, and sample size typically result in honest and meaningful response.
Direct customer contact is prevalent when the business client is another organization. Typically businesses are more likely to voice their expectations, complaints, and complements than retail customers. Additionally the adoption of supply chain management necessitates an open and trusting relationship among the different parties (Evans & Lindsay, 2011). .
Types of Industries The needs of the customers differ by the type of industry. Service organizations typically deal with end customers. Seeking feedback from both the customer and the frontline employee improves the quality of the service and leads to more satisfied customers. Lean methodologies are used in the service industry in order to create a quality atmosphere that benefits the customer and the frontline employee, which leads to improved customer loyalty and increased market share. After all, frontline employees have the ability to delight the customer (Evans & Lindsay, 2011; Teehan & Tucker, 2010).
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