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Sustainability was a priority of Micheal Bloomberg. He believed that Sustainability was central to Bloombergs core values and provided a competitive advantage over other companies.
Additionally, Dan Doctorff the president of Bloomberg believed that intergrating sustainability into business strategy and financial markets delivers real value to the customers.
So they wanted to achieve internal sustainability within the organization and they strated BGreen initiative which aimed at reducing their carbon footprint by 50% in five years. So they wanted to achieve this by following some practices such as reducing co2 emissions from waste, generating renewable energy on site and reduce the impact of employee business travel and product transport
They followed reduce,remove and reuse policy inorder to reduce waste and increase the recycling of general office waste, electrical waste and In house printing waste. They were able to divert more than 59% waste from their entire organization.
As you can see, on an outer view, Carbon emission relates to environmental factor, recycling waste relates to social responsibility of the company, and govenance body relates to govenance factors which correlates to Environmental,social, governance factors account to Sustainability of the company.

All these practices were monitored by the sustainability governance body which reviews the policies and procedures on sustainability issues to ensure compliance with worldwide best practices. With these three important components in BGreen Initiave they were able to achieve internal sustainabiulity within the organization by 2010 and they published their first sustainability report in 2010.
So Now lests see how their internal sustainability led to ESG data. ESG data will have Enivronment, social and governance factors which indicate the sustainability of the organization. In 2006, Bgreen Idea…...

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