Broken Medley

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Broken Medley

Wait. Be still. Don't go over the line. Don't let go. Wait for it. "BANG!" My reactions were precise as I sprung out of the blocks. The sun was beating down on my back as my feet clawed at the blistering, red turf. With every step I took, my toes sunk into the squishy, foul smelling surface, as my lungs grasped for air. Everything felt the way it should as I plunged toward my destination. I clutched the baton in my sweaty palms, promising myself not to let go. My long legs moved me as fast as I could go as I hugged the corner of the line like a toddler hugging their favorite teddy bear. The steps were just like I had practiced. As I came closer to my final steps, my stomac started twisting and my heart beat began to rise. The different colors of arrows started to pass under my feet, and I knew it was time.

"Reach," I yelled to Susan, whom had seemed unusually far away. Yelling, "Slow down, slow down," turned into "Stop!"

Susan halted to a stop as the gold baton fell into her hands and she took off into a dead sprint. The red colored flag rose. We were disqualified from something that we all dreaded; going out of the exchange zone.

I had never really been a part of a team that had a chance to win something, but the potential was always there. I finally got my chance to be a part of such a team my sophomore year of track. Mr. McCain, the head track coach, had decided to experiment with some different races to gain more team points. Since the girls' team lacked a medley relay, he placed Ebony, Adeya, Susan and I in those spots. Ebony would run the 400, Adeya would run the 200, and Susan and I would start the race off by each running the 100. We all had worked viciously to earn those spots by running off against our teammates.

Going into the first race we had not expected much since Susan and I had never run this type of race. There…...

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Broken that you could feel how I really missed you! Kung pwede lang babatuhin kita ng bato ng may nakasulat na "I miss you" para malaman mo kung gano kasakit sa pakiramdam pag namimiss kita! Pero wala eh, kahit na gano kita ka miss, gaano ko kasabik na makita ka at maakap hindi na rin pwede! Wala na eh! Break na tayo! Wala nang dahilan para magkita pa tayo! Wala nang dahilan para magsama pa tayo! Sobrang layo mo na. You’re like a sun, hindi kita maabot, ni hindi kita kayang tignan ng deretso dahil nasasaktan ako! You know how much I love you. I did everything just to make you happy, even thou sometimes your happiness pains me a lot! Pero tiniis ko yung sakit, because I’m afraid to lose you! Kaya lang wala, nagsawa ka din. You leave me with a broken heart. I did everything just to make you stay. I cried I swallow my pride and begged you to stay but you told me that letting you go is the only way to make you happy because you wanna be free again. It was the hardest thing to do because I really love you, but you leave me no choice but to let you go. I wanna ask you that night WHY!? What did I did wrong? love...

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...hated people in their life because of being into a broken family. A broken family is defined as a family that has split or separated due to a variety of reasons that we will know in the next part of this research.  Broken homes can cause children to question their self- worth, to experience unnecessary grief, guilt and confusion. It can affect their whole life, especially in their studies and in their emotions. Being into a broken family gives a lot of effects in a teenager. The one who should support and be there for them are the one who hurts their feeling. This leads to children being raised by single parents, stepparents or others not related to the biological parents. The study is primarily focused on the impact of broken family among the teenagers and students. In this study, the researchers will focus on the behavior of the students in school and how it affected their lives. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The focus of the study is to discover the effects of a broken family among the teenagers. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following problems: a.) What is the cause of having a broken family? b.) What will be the attitude of the teenager to the school? c.) What is the effect of having a broken family to their lives? d.) How can a teenager help prevent having a broken family? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The main objective of this study was to identify the overall effect of a broken family among teenagers. To fulfill this main......

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...Reliability San Beda College Human Relations and Social Orientation Program THE IMPACT OF BROKEN FAMILY AFFECTING TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SAN BEDA COLLEGE STUDENTS. Submitted by: Chua, Jurielaine Casino, Pamela Tapales, Alexis Nunez, Gian Submitted to: Prof. Kim Guia Chapter I Introduction “Family is the foundation of the society which strengthens the human world.” This is from the research paper of Ms. JesalynPastorfide. This inspires us to choose the topic “The impact of broken family that affect to the academic performance of San Beda College Students.” In studying, having a complete family somehow inspires a student to study hard. Our family is the first environment in which we are exposed to. We can’t choose the family we want but what it will depend on us. What is a broken family? A broken family refers to a family that are divorced or separated. Parents have their own families because of misunderstanding. Broken homes can cause children to question their self- worth, to experience unnecessary grief, guilt and confusion. The study is primarily focused on the impact of broken family to the academic performance of the San Beda College students year 2015-2016. In this study the researchers will focus on the behavior of the students in school and how they will interact with others. Statement of the problem The focus of the study is to discover the impact of a broken family to San Beda College students S.Y 2015-2016 Specifically, it seeks to answer the......

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...EN COLEGIO SAN AGUSTIN – BACOLOD College of Accountancy, Business Education and Computer Studies A STUDY ON THE LEVEL OF PERCEPTION AMONG THE CSA-B BSA-1B STUDENTS ABOUT BROKEN FAMILIES An Abstract Baby Thesis Presented to: Mr. Emilio Eduardo, MA Professor in SSCI – 101 In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Course Social Science – 101 By : Alba, Glyza Rose Bunda, Varelie Jane Calacat, Jino Celis, Jaimin Garcia, Rudyliza BSA – 1B CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION I. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Marriage is more than just a happy ending of a successful courtship; it is an end of a romance and is a beginning of a sterner task. (Encyclopaedia Britannica 1963) This is where a family begins to become alive. A family is the basic unit of the society. It is the most important component of a country because it is an essential factor of a man’s well – being; everything about a man: his background, attitude, his achievements, his honor and dignity; all of these relies on the structure of the family he lives with. Today, as we speak of a family, it could mean only two things: complete or broken. No matter how ideal a family is in terms of their relationship, there are still hardships and misunderstandings but sometimes, families give up leaving a family broken. Philippines; a Church – Devoted country, is now partially influenced by the western culture regarding the formality, legality, and holiness of marriage. The dissolution of marriage is now accepted......

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