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RFP Baderman Islands Resort
Joshua Wycoff
University of Phoenix

Request for Proposal
Baderman Islands Resort
Request for Proposal for Implementation of Word Processing System
Issued May 12, 2011

Table of Contents Introduction | ……………………….. | 3 | Description | ……………………….. | 3 | Business Goals | ……………………….. | 3 | Project Goals | ……………………….. | 3 | Scope of Project | ……………………….. | 3 | Time Constraints | ……………………….. | 4 | Budget Constraints | ……………………….. | 4 | Other requirements | ……………………….. | 4 | Technical Requirements | ……………………….. | 4 | Who may Apply | ……………………….. | 5 | How to Apply | ……………………….. | 5 | Confidentiality | ……………………….. | 5 | References | ……………………….. | 5 | Clarification of Questions | ……………………….. | 6 | Submission Schedule | ……………………….. | 6 | Proposal Format | ……………………….. | 6 | Decision Schedule | ……………………….. | 6 | Selection Criteria | ……………………….. | 6 |

Request for Proposals 1. Introduction
Baderman Island Resorts is seeking to contract with a vendor(s) for the purchase and implementation of a Word Processing application. The application will be installed on all computers throughout the hotel locations, to provide a standard easy to use package for employees.

2. Description
Baderman Island Resorts is owned and operated by Boardman Management Group, with all locations located on the self-contained island of Baderman. Baderman Resorts is comprised of three luxury resorts, recreation center, shopping and spas. Baderman runs all daily functions of the resort, allowing Boardman to provide backend support for projects, budgeting etc.

3. Business Goals
Boardman Management recognizes the need to upgrade and standardize all word processing packages, in an attempt to provide uniformity across locations. With the downturn in tourism Baderman is seeking ways to work efficiently using technology as…...

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