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Company D
“Dynamic Footwear”

December 7th, 2014

Brief Background:
We were brought together from different backgrounds. All having different ideas but being strong in our values and beliefs. We learned to work together and created a vision for the company. We needed to incorporate our philosophies together to see the best direction for the company. Some of our strengths were strong knowledge in accounting and finance as well as marketing.
Company Vision:
To offer high quality shoes at a competitive price.
From Year 10-Year 17:
Collectively we decided to make “Dynamic Footwear” a competitive company by keeping average industry prices while offering higher quality products than the competition. During our first years this strategy seemed to harm the value and image of the company due to the lack of market share and low investment in marketing. We adjusted our strategy to focus on our weaknesses in each of the markets, such as low s/q rating, models offered, celebrity appeal etc, by doing this we started to gain momentum and the company started to gain market share, some of our major changes was the increase in advertising all across markets, and also the increase of model availability our company offered. Continuing with this strategy our focus turned to the international markets, specifically Asia Pacific and Latin America, to target these markets more effectively we bid on celebrities that had strong appeal in these regions, so starting in year 14 we signed Shakira Iglesias and Bronko Mars, as expected our numbers in these markets remained steady and our weaknesses were less. In year 16 the overall industry was affected by the irrational decision of a company to sell their shoes at an extremely low price, this decision channeled all of the demand to that company that was ultimately unable to meet said demand. Regardless of our drop, we still remained a…...

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