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OUbs002223 Business Finance

Table of Contents

Unit 1

Agency Issue between shareholders and managers

Unit 2

Investment appraisal methods

Unit 3

Risks and Return

Unit 4

Asset Pricing Models, CAPM & APT

Unit 5

Capital Market Efficiency and Stock Market Anomalies

Unit 6

Cost of Capital, Shareholder’s wealth, Gearing & Leasing

Unit 7

The dividend decision

Unit 8

Corporate Restructuring


Aim of the Module
To provide learners with knowledge of the principles and practice of the financing decisions of enterprises. Learners will learn about the decisions which firms make about financing their investments in productive capital.

Teaching and learning strategy
The teaching and learning strategy is designed to develop in students an ability to understand the mechanisms of financial markets and the issues pertaining to investment decision in those markets. Students should be able to understand and apply the time value concepts with regards to investment decision. They should also be able to evaluate the risks and returns of financial instruments.

Assessment Strategy

Unit(s) of Assessment

Weighting Towards Module Mark (%) 30 70

This manual aims at fulfilling the preciously identified learning objectives. Despite the fact that this manual is self-contained, you are expected to do some additional research in books and academic articles to deepen your understanding of quantitative techniques and research methodology. Manual:
Open University of Mauritius OUbs002223: Business Finance 2…...

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