Buying a House

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Buying a House


August 13, 2013

Buying a House

In everyday life, human beings have to make decisions. While some decisions appear simple, others are complex and require one to take time deliberating on them. In their context, some of the decisions that people have to make include changing of careers, joining learning institutions, buying a home or even opening a business, among others. This essay explores the process I followed while I finally decided to buy a home.

While making a decision to buy a home, I engaged six processes. Firstly, I established a constructive surrounding that would allow me to identify my objectives (Taylor, 2010). Additionally, I consulted with my parents and friends to avoid making a decision on my own, which might not be good at the end. While making consultations, I allowed all involved parties to give their opinions, with an aim to come up with the best decision.

Secondly, I embarked on generating alternatives, with an aim of making a comprehensive final decision. I employed brainstorming in order to generate more ideas (Montgomery & Lipshitz, 2004). I managed to gather ideas that provided me with reliable alternatives.

Thirdly, I embarked on exploring the alternatives in order to determine the implications, risks, and validation (Jasper, 2007). I managed to identify the risks I was likely to encounter while buying a house, the effects of my decision. In terms of validation, I engaged cost analysis, and determined if I had enough resources to achieve my goal.

Fourthly, I settled on the appropriate alternative after I evaluated various factors. Following the weighing of different factors, I managed to see the likelihood of being successful.

The fifth decision involved evaluation of my decision and the alternatives, in order to determine the most appropriate (Montgomery & Lipshitz, 2004).…...

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