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C & S Wholesale Grocers: A) Why is Cohen worrying about his organization?
He is worried because the increased workload, high-turnover, lack of accountability or the ability to trace who is responsible for mistakes, difficult working conditions for safety purposes, employee moral declines. He wants to be able to sustain the growth of the company yet, also address these factors that are causing problems for staff and management. B) What assumptions is Cohen making about organizational effectiveness and operational excellence?
His assumptions are focused on issues like maintaining quality standards and financial pressures. He is assuming that by taking care of those factors the problems the company is facing will improve.

C) What are the goals for self-managed teams broadly and at C & S?
Broadly: Responsibility for outcomes, monitor own performance, alter performance strategies as needed by creating solutions to problems, able to best respond to customers needs, enhance employees commitment to the organization by providing “ownership” of important organizational decisions
C & S: Team was responsible for selecting, loading, clerking, and signing off on the orders being placed. D) What are the risks associated with the transition from the status quo to a team focused organization?
How are the employees going to respond. How are managers going to adjust and adapt to the new structure. How would the transition be implemented to be as seemless as possible? E) The new structure in which we are going to convert to is going to allow you as employees to have more control over your work environment. This will help you to make your overall goals and not have to work so many hours to obtain these goals. This will help to create a safer environment for you to work in by reducing work place injuries. You will be able to have…...

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