Cadillac Automotive Market Structure

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Cadillac Automotive Market Structure
Cadillac Automotive is a U.S based automobile manufacturer that manufactures luxury vehicles. The company is owned by General Motors. Cadillac originally used to make carriages. The company sells in more than three dozen countries with its major operations centered in North America. It is known to be the second oldest automobile manufacturer in U.S. after GM and Buick. The industry Cadillac operates in is highly lucrative and money making (SWOT analysis of General Motors, 2013). The luxury cars do not make money by mass production rather by selling on premium prices. Here is the analysis of the industry Cadillac serves in and a discussion of its market structure (Automotive Strategy, Planning & Analysis: IHS Automotive, 2013).
MARKET STRUCTURES The market structure tells the way business is done in an industry. The market structure can be of four basic types. A market may have strong government regulations or no government intervention at all. Also the market structures differ on the basis of companies in an industry. Following table describes how automotive industry differs from other industries and what market structure it has.
Cadillac Automotive | Oligopoly | Perfect competition | Monopoly | Monopolistic Market Structure | Industry: Automobiles * There are multiple automobile manufacturers * Some of the major players are GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and BMW. | The oligopoly market players may offer same or different products or services. The example is automobile industry. | In perfect companion, there is no product differentiation in the produces offered. An example being agricultural. | The monopoly offers products that are not offered by any other company. An example being Space Technology and Electricity. It has no substitutes to pick from. | The product is…...

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