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One late afternoon at the end of October, Jason Mah, assistant residence manager at Cambridge Hall, was sitting at the residence cafeteria waiting for his friend to join him for dinner. His friend, unfortunately, had arrived in the middle of the “rush” period at the cafeteria, and faced a potentially long wait in the cafeteria line. As a student would put it: “It is a common joke around here, if you sit to eat while your friend is entering the cafeteria to get his meal, you will have enough time to finish dinner before he returns.” Mah was aware of the situation and already had started to investigate in order to propose some improvements to the residence management. Mah hoped that some minor adjustments requiring no major investments or disbursements would be sufficient to resolve the situation.

The “Café D. Pownd” was a newly established cafeteria at the equally new Cambridge Hall residence that had opened in September, at the National Academy of Liberal Arts (NALA). The cafeteria served as a popular eating place for the 450 residents of Cambridge Hall, as well as for approximately 100 residents from Nottingham Hall, another residence located across the street. This cafeteria was open from 7 a.m. to
7 p.m. Monday through Friday and was closed weekends and holidays. It offered a wide variety of hot meals, beverages, salads, desserts, snacks and sandwiches. The majority of residents paid for their food purchases with their student cards through an electronic payment system established campus-wide.
Although the Café D. Pownd was newly established, there was overwhelming evidence suggesting major problems with the length of waiting times for service at the cafeteria. In short, the cafeteria layout appeared extremely inefficient during the peak period of service (between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.) during which approximately two-thirds of the…...

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