Capital Punishment - for or Against

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Capital Punishment – For Or Against
Scott Cameron
Phase 4 Individual Project
Dana LaMantia

I’m sure you all have your thoughts on Capital Punishment, and whether you’re for or against it. I’d like to share a story with you about Donna Payant, a New York State Corrections Officer, and her killer. Lemuel Smith was an inmate where Donna worked; in 1976, he was sentenced to death for murdering a store owner and his employee, then kidnapping and murdering another woman before he was caught. However, his sentence was later converted to life in prison, sealing Donna’s fate five years later (Irvine, Kincaid,2003). My aim today is to share a few ideas that enforce capital punishment as an effective means of deterring heinous and horrific crimes, providing comfort for victims and their families, and saving the legal system money. Let’s start by taking a look at deterrence. Capital punishment can be looked at from the aspect of deterrence, which is discouraging individuals who may have the intention to participate in homicide. It is also a reference to the criminal, denoting that he may not commit a crime or participate in homicide. Deterrence is summed up by the deterrence theory (Siegel, 2012); this theory requires that individuals weigh the costs and rewards associated with different actions. It’s based on the premise that individuals will choose those actions that translate to greatest reward at lesser costs. The theory also proposes that crime is preferred when it is seen as yielding a greater reward at a lesser cost than conventional alternatives. In this case, capital punishment introduces the cost perspective; since nothing is costlier than life, criminals will be convinced that crime does not pay; this is referred to as general deterrence (Chandler, 2002). However, these actions would only be possible when the sanctions are…...

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...CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: SHOULD IT BE ABOLISHED? Capital Punishment: Meaning Punishment can be defined as suffering, loss, pain or penalty inflicted upon an individual by a legal authority, as a consequence of certain acts of commission and omission. Punishment has two aspects. First is ‘utilitarian’ in which punishment is used as a tool for increasing happiness of the society by pointing out to the criminal the wrongfulness of his crime as well presenting the punishment as a deterrent to both the criminal and the society for not repeating the crime. Second aspect is ‘retributive’ which serves as a consolation to the aggrieved or his kin that the criminal has been adequately punished. Capital punishment is the ultimate punishment in which life of a criminal is taken away by a legal authority under a process established by the law. International Scenario Although, UN “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” does not say anything explicitly about death penalty, Article 5 of the said declaration prohibits torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Activists have been arguing that death penalty is cruel and inhuman and hence covered under this article. The Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1989, provides for the total abolition of the death penalty except in times of war or imminent threat of war. Protocol No. 6 to the European Convention for the Protection of Human...

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...The human rights activists are against this type of punishment I believe in second chances. The Disadvantages of Death Penalty * Though there are scientific methods available to investigate the crime, nothing is guaranteed. You cannot remove the chances of punishing innocents completely. * The cost involved on the death penalty prosecution is greater than the expenses occurred in the life imprisonment of the accused. The appeals against such capital punishments take too long to decide, and often it takes years to decide the fate of the death penalty. All these things make the death penalty an expensive option for the governments who spend millions of the dollars of the taxpayer money on death penalty prosecutions. * It is reported that some of the jury members are not completely impartial as they decide the penalty on racial or religious basis. * Some of the accused are mentally ill, and it is ethically wrong to put mentally ill patients to the death. * In most cases people who can afford to hire the expensive lawyers often survived from such kind of capital punishment. People who are poor, and cannot afford to get a quality legal assistance becomes the victim of this penalty. * Some of the experts believe that life prison is a more effective punishment to control crimes as compared to the death penalty. The countries where the death penalty is banned have less capital crime rate as compared to those countries where the death penalty is practiced. ...

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