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Carter Cleaning Centre Case Study

1.This is not true for some reasons. Irrespective of who is hired, once the process violates equal employment law, Jack can be accused of discrimination. Jack was wrong in not orientating his mangers on Equal Employment Opportunity, what to do or not to do to employees and new hires .In the case study; female applicants were asked questions about childcare whereas male applicants were excluded. Applicants from minority populations were also asked questions about credit and arrest records while non-minority applicants were not asked. Other discriminatory issues in the company include lower payment for older employee with more experience compared to what is being paid younger employees for the same amount of job as well as reports of sexual advances towards women by a store manager.

Discrimination was made towards a 73 year old worker who had worked with the company for more than 50 years but collects less pay than employee doing same job and of lesser age. Such action is unlawful under the Equal Pay Right of 1963. Discrimination exists in the company with respect to hiring and employee management. They discriminate against colour, sex, age and payment. With respect to colour, 3 white males and 3 white females were appointed as store managers. For sex, the interview process was sex biased by asking some questions from female applicants and not asking the male counterpart. Sexual harassment was also reported by females. Considering the alleged sexual advances towards two women and threats of firing except the women socialised, Carter Cleaning Company can be sued for Sexual Harassment under the Federal Violence against Women Act of 1994 .Concerning age, older and younger employees in the company perform the same work. Furthermore, concerning payment, the…...

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