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Case study #1
The following case study is about the most profitable investment, which should be recognized by the angels with help of different relevant and vital questions. Depending on the kind of the proposed projects, I would like to figure out the advantages and perspectives of each of them. However, I think that there are some fundamental questions to ask. It’s necessarily to be highly interested in a financial side of a project. That’s why the first questions I would ask are: “What is the estimated price to launch and maintain my investment?
What is the predicted revenue? How profitable is it?
How liquid is this suggestion?
What is my biggest risk and how much can I loss in total?”
The next step is to identify who is the potential customer, whether there are a lot of competitors or not, has this kind of business already existed before, etc. (questions to ask in every segment)
Now, let’s concentrate on every proposition specifically. * Manufacture of small bottles of flavours. The flavours you can add to water or other drinks to get the taste you like.
Having analyzed the detailed information about this product, I came to the point to start up my interview with clarifying
“Why is it innovative?”
“How much would one bottle cost?”
“What would be the market price per one unit?”
“Did a marketing research take a place? If yes, what are the results and what did the questionnaires show?”
“Who came up with this idea and why does he/she believe in it?”
“Which kind of regulations should be complied with? Did a company receive the certificates of ISO to operate?” Based on the information from all of the above, I would make an effective decision. However, I think, that intuitively I would invest in this project because of the high popularity of soft beverages, the trend towards healthy and green food.…...

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