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The Cruiser is most probably a young guy in his bachelorhood stage, because of the eating habits and the indicated personality. Even if he has limited financial recourses, he still would be able to cook food at home, yet he doesn’t, and sticks more to cheaper takeaways. It seems like the cooking verity doesn’t surpasses doing frozen food in the microwave, therefore, it is clear that he is not mature enough to be in any further life stage than bachelorhood. The cheap food also could be an indicator for the social class. And yet the description very well describes the social class he is part of. The way he values those simple refined things to humans like experiences, moments and friendship, hence other by-products like the beer, food and social perception are not that important.
What best reflects Cruiser’s personality is his simple need for having a good time with his friends regardless to anything else. It is an enjoyable experience, which sticks in memory, perhaps that’s why he also values friendship so much, since it is the bond for the social occasions he likes so much. He could be considered an extroversion type of person, thus his traits are focused on raw positive emotion and enhances memorable experiences.
This is a nice promotion that is easy for someone like Cruiser to perceive. The canhole promotion targets audience who are using allot of this light beer as well as someone who just have one can of beer. This is a nice example of high involvement product, because it differs in its activities from actual box with a whole where you can score your empty beer cans or bags to an online mini game. It is simple to be involved and activities covers multiple environments, since you can play canhole at home alone, with friends, while being at friends, or even at work.
The best communication approach must be similar respect to the involvement of the…...

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