Case Study Review: Language and Globalization: “Englishnization” at Rakuten

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Marketing Château Margaux
Were a wine to be drunk in paradise, it would be Château Margaux.
— William Styron, Sophie’s Choice
Brad watched as wine poured from a precarious height into his glass, generating turbulence but no splash. “I must try that,” he thought. A young management consultant, Brad was no stranger to expensive meals, but here he felt separated from the proceedings by more than income. He was the junior member of a consulting team invited to join Corinne Mentzelopoulos and Paul Pontallier for lunch at Château Margaux, in the room where such luminaries as the president of China, Hu Jintao, had been hosted when he came to visit the source of one of the world’s great wines. The château’s white wine had accompanied Brad’s first course, next its Pavillon red, and now, with a selection of cheeses, came Château Margaux 1982, a wine that might have cost him $1,200 back in New York if he could have found a bottle. He raised it to his lips with trepidation. He rather hoped that what he was about to encounter would not be so transcendent that he would never again enjoy his neighborhood trattoria’s house red.
His concern was unfounded. The sip was pleasant, smooth, and the finish was far longer than anything he had noticed before, but frankly, he thought, there was none of the explosion of flavors that he associated with the wines that his friends raved about, the blackberry and plum fruit bombs as they called them. Was this all there was, or could it be that his palate was not equal to the challenge? He turned to the general manager, Pontallier. “What should I be looking for? What do you taste? What notes can you detect?” Pontallier looked down at his glass. “It’s balanced,” he replied.
The owner of…...

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