Case Study - the Personality of Hr People

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MGT 104 Case Studies The Personality of HR People
Case Questions:
Q1. If you were an HR specialist, which category would you prefer to be and why?

Our group would prefer the consummate professional. (The Consummate Professional according to Wilson (2013) is usually coming from a confused lower middle class family background and may describe themselves as working class. Became aware early that life was unfair. Brought up to respect authority, parents became anxious when exam results were not as expected. Feels honoured by the challenging projects given to them by the company, but confused as to why reward involves being given more challenges to deal with.)
We can observe on how experiences would play its role and have influences in shaping personality. Personalities can either be gained through genes or by the influences of the outside environment.
We could infer that consummate professionals, as stated above, have undergone such life experiences which molded the person to think that life is unfair which means that that he/she will strive to work hard since that person’s past experiences gave him/her the knowledge on how one should survive in the society, for instance, when one does not work hard, he/she would not gain respect and would not be able to obtain the fruits of life which will lead to one’s struggle.
We preferred the consummate professional over the three other HR personalities since the consummate professional could be competitive enough to accomplish every challenges his/her job may bring. We could also see that persons with the maximum impact personality are also competitive but it is to the extent that it would be too over competitive and that’s why we chose consummate professional over maximum impact.
Q2. To what extent do you consider that you…...

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