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Characteristics of Successful Online Students Online learners must possess several qualities in order to be successful, including time management skills, self-discipline, and motivation. Time management skill is able to manage time to be able to successfully complete assignments on time. You will need both discipline and motivation to be successful in an online environment. These three main focuses will help you be successful in online schooling without one you will not be as successful.
Online courses are a virtual space generated to allow for online students a chance to create their own environments to improve learning. It allows the student to better explore and collaborate different study methods. It provides students the ability to manage time wisely and it also allows for a flexible schedule for the student to do virtual rather than physical course work. Being able to manage time and have a flexible schedule gives the student more time to do other things such as spending time with family and building a better relationship with God. Self-discipline in learning new things is a hard thing to practice and usually takes a lot of tenacity and patience. Most adults have a hard time with this Many people look for the immediate gratification of finishing a course quickly, but if they really take out more time to spend on reading, applying the techniques and asking questions, the delayed gratification of a better, wholesome education will be worth it. By practicing patience and self-discipline while learning, a person will be sacrificing that immediate gratification of finishing early or fast, for a more substantial educational experience. The outcome of the course will most likely be more favorable as well.
Different students are motivated by completely different interests and activities. Motivation is…...

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