Choosing Your Battes

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Choosing Your Battles
Southern New Hampshire University
September 20, 2015
Dr. Fran Transcitti
Noelle K. Thelen

We all know that working in an organization gives way to various professional and interpersonal relationships as time progresses and with that inevitably comes inter/intra personal conflicts. The key to being successful is knowing when to push, when to concede, and when to collaborate.

1. How would you ensure sufficient discussion of contentious issues in a work group? How can managers bring unspoken conflicts into the open without making them worse?

The first step in order to bring unspoken conflicts into the open is to determine what type of conflict the organization is dealing with. According to our text, conflict is defined as “a process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to negatively affect, something that the first party cares about.” (pg. 401).
According to our assigned case incident, the text tells us how a manager should “pick a fight?” First, ensure that the stakes are sufficient to actually warrant a disruption. Second, focus on the future, and on how to resolve the conflict rather than on whom to blame. Third, tie the conflict to fundamental values. Rather than concentrating on winning or losing, encourage both parties to see how successfully exploring and resolving the conflict will lead to optimal outcomes for all. If managed successfully, some degree of open disagreement can be an important way for companies to manage simmering and potentially destructive conflicts (pg. 427-428). Employees should feel safe when sharing their ideas and not have to worry about retaliation or feeling berated. “Groups that resolve conflicts successfully discuss differences of opinion openly and are prepared to manage conflict when it arises.” (pg. 410). Allowing for open…...

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