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I believe a college degrees is worth incurring significant debt because of the going to college opens up more opportunities to make more money than a high school graduate or people who didn't complete high school. Also college graduates also are healthier and live longer than others. My last reason is that earning a college degree is a major life achievement for people. Bases on what i read college graduates make more money than a high school graduate or than people who didn't complete high school. A college graduate with a bachelors degree earned $30,000 more per year than a high school graduate. Today most good jobs will require a college degree. Businesses want to hire people who know how to think and know what they're doing when it comes to working. Although many students do not graduate and waste their own and also the governments money. Over 25% of students who enroll into college do not return for their second year. The government gets fewer tax from non-college graduates than from college graduates who have higher wages. Many college graduates are healthier and also can most likely live longer than non college graduates. 83% of college graduates reported being in excellent health, while the high school graduates reported 73%. In 2008, 23% of college graduates aged 35 to 44 years old were overweight compared to 37% of high school graduates. Its been known that college graduates on an average lives six years longer than a high school graduates. Even though college stress can lead to health problems and other negative consequences. 40.2% of college students reported feeling overwhelmed.College stress can lead to headaches weight gain and way more. this would be a reason that most people stop going to college and drops out then begins to be in debt. My last reason for agreeing that college is worth being in…...

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