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President Barack Obama made it a law (The Affordable Care Act) for everyone to a health insurance on March 23 2010. His main purpose of making this law was to make every citizen able to afford health care. By March 31, 2014 all American are expected to have health insurance coverage or pay a monthly fee for each month you go without insurance. Medicaid was expanded to accommodate more people however, not all state have expanded Medicaid; which means if you did qualify for it before you are not going to. If you are single and make 11,490 per year in a state that has not expanded Medicaid you cannot qualify for Medicaid. Which means on top of all the expenses you already have you will have to find another fifty to one hundred dollars to pay for your insurance premium. Even though you are consider poor by the country’s standard of living you are not poor enough to qualify for government assistance.

Is health insurance really the answer to solving the problem of citizen being unable to afford health care? Take Canada for example, you are covered from birth by a health care system that is funded by the country’s sale, income and corporate taxes. There is no limits on who gets government assistance because health care is practically free and not income based and available to everyone. It is possible for a country to make all citizen able to afford health care without making illegal got go without health insurance. America need to follow in the foot step of Canada and make Medicaid available for all citizen.

Small business are not required to offer health insurance for it worker, which means you will have to buy health insurance cover from a private insurance company. You may qualify for a subsidized plan based on your income and family sized however it is not guaranteed. If are a single person make over fifty thousand then you are out of the question.

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