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Community Organizing- Childcare Information Services

Child Care Information Services, (CCIS), is a, “subsidized childcare program that helps low-income families pay their child care fees” (YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh, 2014). The program is state and government funded, which the offices are managed throughout Pennsylvania according to your county.
In the late 1990’s CCIS’s origin began with assisting the working families only. If a person or persons were receiving TANF benefits their childcare subsidy would come from the Department of Public Welfare. Once those persons would obtain employment their childcare subsidy funding source would automatically transfer to CCIS.
In the mid 2000’s it was determined that CCIS would provide the childcare subsidies for both working families and those receiving TANF benefits. Under the new guidelines TANF clients would receive the childcare subsidies automatically, at the time of applying for cash benefits, to attend training programs, employment, or education.
Families who are working and are not receiving TANF benefits can apply for the childcare subsidies through CCIS, however there is a waiting list, “the waiting list times vary, and usually are at least several months and possibly longer” (Department of Human Service, 2015). (Conexis, 2015)
Without the assistance of CCIS most working families cannot afford to pay the out of pocket expense of childcare. This causes many people to make the hard decision of spending a large percentage of their income on childcare. This places an economic strain on the family. The other option is to resign from their current employment and applying for cash assistance, also placing an economic strain on the family and keeping them below the poverty line.
I have been employed within workforce development programs for several years. During the duration of my time here, I have encountered…...

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