Compare the Attitudes Presented in Flag and Right Word

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Compare the attitudes presented in Flag and Right Word
In The Right Word the poet is trying to express her emotions without having to put them into words on paper, her desire for this is clear in the short form of the poem. She additionally uses are very expressive of the struggle to find the right way to describe what she can see such as the contrast between "terrorist", which suggests a violent rebel, compared to "freedom fighter", suggesting a strong willed moral protestor. Similarly as she tries to describe what the person is doing "lurking" and "taking shelter" make the person seem dangerous and mild. The poet has set herself a difficult task – to describe a simple scene without taking sides in a conflict that seems impossible to end. Similarly in Flag by John Agard he draws on the idea that the flag isn't as meaningful as presented but urges the reader to see it as just a piece of cloth, that we humans conform to the symbol we have created.
The imagery used in Right Word shows the climb towards optimism, each stanza the description becomes more fitting and less chilling. To begin with creating a hostile environment developing into a sense of understanding and the speaking becoming more compassionate. Whereas in Flag violent imagery is used to express the negative power that a flag can hold over humans as he wants to draw on the fact that we are all human yet powerful leaders, especially in wars, drawing in patriotism, will divide people into partitions based on the powerful symbol of a flag. The views in Right Word begin to change some language could support this "waving" to "wavering" showing her uncertainty and changing of thoughts.
This uncertainty of how symbolic the flag should be can be transferred into the Right Word when she questions the power of words in lines 11 and 12, she is really questioning her own power as a poet. This could also be seen as…...

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