Comparison of Various Bio-Metric Methods

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International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology (IJAST) Vol 2 Issue I (March 2014)

Rupinder Saini , Narinder Rana
Rayat Institute of Engineering and IT,

This paper presents comparison concerning various biometric systems simply by defining their advantages and disadvantages. A brief introduction is usually offered regarding commonly used biometrics, including, Face, Iris, Fingerprint, Finger Vein, Lips, Voice. The comparison criteria list introduced is restricted to accuracy, size of template, cost, security level, and long term stability. Keywords Biometric systems, technique, face, Iris, finger, lips, voice. 1. Introduction "Biometrics" implies "life measurement" however the term associated with the utilization of unique physiological characteristics to distinguish an individual. It’s a new way to verify authenticity. Biometrics utilizes biological characteristics or behavioral features to recognize an individual. In real a Biometrics system is a pattern identification system that uses various patterns such as iris patterns, retina design and biological characteristics like fingerprints, facial geometry, voice recognition and hand recognition and so forth. Biometric recognition system provides possibility to verify one’s identity simply by determining “who these people are” instead of “what these people possess or may be remembered” [4]. The very fact that makes it really interesting is that the various security codes like the security passwords and the PIN number could be interchanged among people but the physical traits cannot be. The principle use of Biometric security is to change the existing password

2. Biometric Techniques Jain et al. describe four operations stages of a uni-modal biometric recognition system [1]: …...

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