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Computer Game Addiction and Emotional

Amy W. Poon
Trinity College,

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Poon, Amy W., "Computer Game Addiction and Emotional Dependence". Senior Theses, Trinity College, Hartford, CT 2012. Trinity College Digital Repository,

Computer Game Addiction and Emotional Dependence

Amy Poon

Trinity College

Fall 2011-Spring 2012


I would like to thank Professor Lee for allowing me to conduct my research on Computer Game Addiction, even when it seemed like such a laughable subject. He helped me get IRB approval, conduct the study, and write a thesis, all the while believing that I could finish it all. I am happy to report that he was right. I would also like to thank Professor Chapman, her long hours with me in the library culminated in my results section. Without her patience and guidance, completing this paper would have been impossible. Finally, I would like to acknowledge Jonathan Handali for proofreading my paper.

As computer games grow in popularity, the negative effects of usage should be studied. Computer games (games played on a computer, tablet, or any web-enabled device) have salient qualities, especially MMORPGs, that cause addictive symptoms. I investigated computer game addiction and usage in Trinity College students. A sample of 114 students (M =20.4 years of age,
61% female) was divided into a non-addicted, social player, and computer-addicted group based on Young's Diagnostic Questionnaire. My results showed that there is no…...

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...leading problem concerned by the society regarding gaming is Game addiction which leads to a lot of complications. Many people find computer games a great way to escape from the stressful reality as these games provide a high level of quick gratification. You are almost constantly being rewarded and, when you lose, you get to easily start over to work on your goal. This fact predisposes the risk of game addiction. As people get addicted to computer games, they will prefer staying in front of the computers all the time that they skip meals, refuse going out for work or school, do not sleep and exercise enough. They start to lose their social ability and also mix up the real and virtual world which may pose a risk not only to themselves, but other people especially their close relatives. Only earlier in May this year, A heavily game-addicted South Korean couple who left their baby to starve while raising a "virtual child" on the Internet were given prison. This revealed how game addiction can lead to harm of others. The excessive gaming of game addicts also poses harm to their own health. There are many computer-related diseases. One most common disease is Repetitive Strain Injury, an injury of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, mainly in the upper limb for gamers, due to repetitive use of their upper limb in playing the computer games. Also, Computer vision syndrome condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for protracted, uninterrupted periods......

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