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Nan Jiang
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Computers and Writing
23 February 2015
The Effects of Computers Writing
With the development of computer technology, human language has got into the information communication stage. Computer writing began to play an increasingly important role in our social life. Computers, and the electronic writing they have enabled, significantly alter traditional conceptions of writing. Today, I selected the Kevin Brooks’s story “Fairy Tales” to talk about what the Sharmila Pixy Ferris has discussed, the effects of computers based on the “Fairy Tales.” This story is really a good example to tell us that computer writing in changing our life, this technology brings us benefits but also something bad.
When I clicked the mouse to open the website, a colorful page appeared. I read the text and moved the mouse to try to find where I can click. Then I clicked the “We Tell Stories,” and it opened a new webpage which is not related to my project, so I closed it. I read the instructions, and made up a name for the peasant’s daughter. I typed Nancy, a name easy to remember, and I clicked submit. I read the first part of the story, and made a King’s name, Louis and clicked submit. I had to choose an animal which will be most helpful to me against the King and what they are like. I chose the worm because it is an animal I hate and am afraid of. Then, I clicked “ugly” by mistake, but I cannot go back. I continued to read the story that I participated in, and after I picked the Mysterious Goblin. I had to choose one of the qualities to make Nancy enter the gate, so I chose wisdom. Wisdom is one of the most important qualities that human-beings must have. Finally, this story is coming to an end, so I preferred an almost happy end of a story. The end that the author made surprised me but it is reasonable after thinking about it for a minute. Overall, I am…...

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