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1. What is CAC ? Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) - Coalition against corruption is an initiative of Public Affairs Centre, along with Swabhimana, Towards Rural Urban Training and Housing (TRUTH), Consumer Rights Education and Awareness Trust (CREAT), Consumer Care Society (CCS) and Karuna Trust, which are dedicated non-profit organizations. CAC aims to combat corruption in government departments and agencies and to impart information about and assist with the Right to Information Act. CAC seeks to achieve its aims by facilitating cooperation among governmental institutions, NGOs and individuals towards implementation of actions that raise accountability in Government. CAC has established a HELPLINE- 6573-4444, where anti-corruption and RTI experts assist and support citizens in the redressal of complaints and grievances relating to corruption faced from public departments and agencies and for information on RTI related issues.

2. Can we know more about Public Affairs Centre? Public Affairs Centre (PAC) is a not for profit organization, established in 1994 with a mandate to improve the quality of governance in India. The creation of PAC was perhaps the first civil society-led institutional initiative to mobilize a demand for good governance in India. The focus of PAC is primarily in areas where citizens and civil society organizations can play a proactive role in improving governance. In this regard, PAC undertakes and supports research, disseminates research findings, facilitates collective citizen action through awareness raising and capacity building activities, and provides advisory services to state and non-state agencies. The Centre is globally known for its pioneering Citizen Report Cards, benchmarking studies used to improve public services, as well as their work on electoral transparency, public works quality monitoring…...

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Consumer Rights

...Are There Many Consumer Rights? Consumer rights are is all about making sure that when something is bought, lost, stolen or found, or a service has been paid for and has not been provided, that the consumer has some basic rights that will protect them. The law says that when buying goods they should be of satisfactory quality, must be fit for the purpose they made for, and match their description. Today in the whole world many countries offer consumer rights where as some don’t which gives the consumer except accepting the product or service. There are many consumer rights especially in United States. This could be seen by the consumer rights offered and the protection granted by federal laws to consumers. This could be also supported by the lawsuits filed by different consumers. There are many rights of consumers like consumers are allowed to cancel a contract or purchase the claim back the money if it is more than Dollar Fifty. Some of the rights include that “Misrepresentation is illegal” (What). Deliveries must be done on time or the consumer has the right to cancel the order if it does not arrive within 30 days. Consumers have the right to get a refund if you paid with your credit card if there is a billing error or charges for something that has not been shipped. Consumers’ also have the right to cancel the sale if a person went with sales person’s suggestion but was not satisfied with the product. Many consumers changed to a different network for their cell......

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...Consumer Protection Act 1986: After liberalization of economic policy, consumer goods have flooded the market as never before. Both foreign and India companies are introducing new products and brands with glossy and fancy packing as the middle and lower income groups are taking loans to-Companies still do not pay attention to the quality of their products and also do not value customer satisfaction. Very often a customer may get taken in by a misleading advertisement making tall claim as to the high quality and after-sales service. The consumer may discover later that the goods purchased by him are not up to the claims made by the manufacturer. Companies are not willing to invest in efficient after-sales service so long as their sales keep increasing. Newspaper columns can be seen to be full of complaints and many companies do not care to rectify the complaints. To enable the consumer to have his right to a deal, the consumer protection Act was passed in 1986. The Act promises to rectify all that and make accountant both the manufacture; s and providers of service. It provides for toe setting up of quasi-judicial bodies at district, state and national label for quick and inexpensive redressal of consumer grievances. Three groups-the consumer, registered voluntary consumer associations and the central and state government is covered by this facility. In case a group of person is seeking similar redressal, a class action suit can be filed or may be treated as a public interest......

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...conduct. This lead to the need for law reform. Consumer laws objective was to remedy the imbalance between manufacturer and consumer and reflect the moral and ethical standards of society. The following essay will evaluate the effectiveness of the legal responses which protect consumers with regards to occupational licensing, implied terms, marketing and advertising, exclusion causes, and unfair contracts. A contract is a legally binding agreement. Every consumer transaction is a contract. A contract for goods and services is the main consumer contract; it involves one party (the supplier) supplying goods or a service to another party (consumer) in exchange for money. Contracts are governed under the Trade Practices Amendment (Australian Consumer Law) Act 2010 (Cwlth). The terms of a contract include express terms and implied terms. Implied terms are terms which apply automatically to any contract and don’t have to be stated within the contract. Implied terms include the requirement that the goods supplied: are of acceptable quality, are fit for the purpose of their use, and correspond to any sample shown by the supplier. Implied terms are effective as they can’t be removed and protect an individual and therefore protect society as a whole. However, in rare cases they can be ineffective as they can be hard to identify. The effectiveness of implied terms is shown in “Submission by CHOICE to the Inquiry into unfair terms in consumer contracts” (Choice, 2010) Exclusion......

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...individual items. You mentioned that the jeans you bought have come apart and also the sole of one shoe has come off. According to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (SOGA) and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002, all goods sold whether new or second–hand must be: * As described * Of satisfactory quality * Fit for the purpose for which they are intended The amended Sale of Goods Act 1979 requires the seller to supply goods of satisfactory quality. This includes that the goods must be durable and fit for their general purpose. Therefore you are able to take the jeans and shoes back either for a full refund or a replacement. Regarding the Dior perfume which your mother has come out in a rash after using it. According to the Consumer Protection Act 1987 and the law of negligence, there must be: * A duty of care * A breach of the duty of care * This breach must be the direct cause of damage (physical, financial or emotional injury) to another and could also be foreseen The Dior perfume company has breached the law of negligence because a duty of care was not carried out. Also this breach was the direct cause of damage which was the rash came out after using the perfume. Therefore under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, your mother has the right to sue the manufacturer. You also mentioned that your mother’s favourite dress was ruined by the dry cleaners. According to Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (SOGASA), all services......

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...India are listed below: • The right to be protected from all kind of hazardous goods and services • The right to be fully informed about the performance and quality of all goods and services • The right to free choice of goods and services • The right to be heard in all decision-making processes related to consumer interests • The right to seek redressal, whenever consumer rights have been infringed • The right to complete consumer education If there is infringement of rights of consumer then a complaint can be made under the following circumstances and reported to the close by designated consumer court: • The goods or services purchased by a person or agreed to be purchased by a person has one or more defects or deficiencies in any respect • A trader or a service provider resort to unfair or restrictive practices of trade • A trader or a service provider if charges a price more than the price displayed on the goods or the price that was agreed upon between the parties or the price that was stipulated under any law that exist Goods or services that bring a hazard to the safety or life of a person offered for sale, unknowingly or knowingly, that cause injury to health, safety or life. There are various consumer Rights, which we have as consumers, these are • Right to safety: This means that consumers have the right to be protected against marketing of goods, which are hazardous to life and property. Before buying goods, a consumer should insist on purchasing......

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...Before the 1950s consumers had little protection in the world marketplace. On March 15, 1962, President John F. Kennedy put forth the "Consumer Bill of Rights" to help consumers recognize their rights and responsibilities. March 15 is now declared as World Consumer Rights Day! The six basic consumer rights are: 1. The right to choose. 2. The right to safety. 3. The right to be heard. 4. The right to be informed. 5. The right to a healthy environment. 6. The right to satisfaction of basic needs. The right to choose. Within reason, consumers have the right to be guaranteed that a selection of quality products and services are accessible for them to purchase at reasonable prices. It means that a consumer should have the opportunity to select the goods or services that they want to purchase. The right to safety. Consumers have the right to expect protection from hazardous products and services bought in the marketplace, particularly if used correctly for their intended purpose. Consumers have protection from the sale and distribution of hazardous goods and services. The right to be heard and the right to voice. Consumers have the right to equal and fair consideration in government policy-making situations, as well as apt treatment in administrative courts or legal communities. In other words, consumers have a right to dispute when there are problems or concerns. They have the right to speak up, to be heard, and to expect positive results. With this right, both......

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...Essay on Consumer Protection Even after sixty years of independence, the consumer is the most exploited segment of Indian society. During British rule, the colonial rulers exploited the Indian consumer to serve their own interests. He was cheated and fleeceds that wealth may continue to flow into England, the homeland of the imperialist rulers. However, things did not change even after independence. The consumer continued to be exploited and cheated in various ways by the traders, manufacturers, and industrialists in general. He was cheated both in quantity and quality of the goods he purchased. There was cheating at the time of weighing the gods and fancy prices were charged in the absence of any controls and tags indicating the price of article he purchased. Even when the price was indicated the words,” local taxes extra” provided ample scope for cheating. In the absence of any quality-control measures, adulterated goods were sold to him. Essential consumer items like milk, ghee, condiments, pulses, rice, wheat, etc., were all adulterated and sometimes such adulteration proved to be a serious health hazard. Even medicines he purchased were spurious and of inferior quality, sometimes resulting even in the death of the patient concerned. But no effective steps were taken to check such exploitation. The consumer remained helpless because he did not have any organized body or union of his own. Even when now and then, such organizations have been formed, they have remained......

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...EUROPEAN UNION E-COMMERCE: CONSUMERS RIGHTS AND PROTECTION ON THE INTERNET PICHAYAPONG PICHAYAPONGS U 3055471 CONTENTS I INTRODUCTION 3 II THE EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE OF 20 MAY 1997 CONCERNING DISTANCE CONTRACTS 3 A The distance contract 4 B Written confirmation 5 C Cooling-off period 5 D Tax payable on goods 5 E Credit card fraud 6 F Special protection 6 G Directive 97/7/EC of The European Parliament and of The Council of 20 May 1997 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts 7 III SECURITY AND CONFIDENCE ON THE WEB 7 A Asymmetrical cryptography 8 B Electronic payments 9 1 Europe Adopts Legislation to Expedite E-payments 9 C The labelling of websites 9 IV GOVERNMENT REGULATION 10 V CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATION 10 VI REFERENCE 11 I INTRODUCTION In the past decade, the boom of the internet in Europe and the emergence of e-commerce has led to a broader of the commercial offers that can be proposed to the consumers. Indeed, an expansion in internet offering come the demand for online security regarding the rights and interests of the internet users and also the development of the internet implies a certain number of adaptations to efficiently protect the consumer. In Europe, a person considered as a consumer is protected by the consumer rights.[1] As texts and laws directly dealing with e-commerce are very uncommon, on 20th May 1997 the European Parliament and the Council adopted Directive 97/7/EC regarding...

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...Introducing law and consumer rights In this task I will be investigating civil and criminal law and their courts of personnel. I will be determining which courts will deal with the cases and why, which legal personnel's will be involved with the case and why and also the role that each person will play in the proceedings and their responsibilities. Explain the role of civil law – concerned, deals with what Civil court the lowest court is civil structure county court County court deals with what Who is applicant, defendant The roles and responsibilities What track the case is on which track – fast, multi Alternative methods Case study 1: Sam buys a second hand car from a local garage for £5000. Within a month the brakes fail. He takes the car back to the garage 3 times for a repair but the brakes are still not fixed and the garage shop refuses to refund him. Sam wants his money back. The role of the Civil law helps and deals with disputes between 2 private parties of disputes which can cause harm to others. The lowest court of the Civil Court is the Civil Structure County Court. This case is one of many Civil Courts Cases and is left to the County Court for a solution. This Court will be the right one for dealing with this case as it is a widely used court which deals with civil. It is used for mainly tenant disputes, rent arrears, eviction disputes and consumer disputes such as faulty goods and services. This court deals and specializes with financial......

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...CONSUMER RIGHTS WHO IS A CONSUMER 1. A person who has indicated his or her willingness to obtain goods and/or services from a supplier with the intention of paying for them. 2. Someone who has purchased goods and/or services for personal consumption 3. A person or group of people, such as a household, who are the final users of products or services. The consumer's use is final in the sense that the product is usually not improved by the use. DUTIES OF CONSUMERS 1. Buying quality products at reasonable price. 2. To check the weights and measures before making purchases 3. Reading the label carefully. 4. To procure the bill, cash received warranty, etc. 5. Shopping carefully and wisely 6. Understanding the terms of the sale 7. Reading and following instructions HOW CONSUMERS ARE EXPLOITED 1. Underweight and Under-measurements : The goods being sold in the market are sometimes not measured or weighed correctly 2. Sub-standard Quality : The goods sold are sometimes of sub-standard quality. Selling of medicine beyond their expiry dates is generally the grievances of consumers. 3. High Prices : Very often the traders charge a higher price than the prescribed retail price 4. Duplicate Articles : In the name of genuine parts or goods, fake or duplicate items are being sold to the consumers. 5. Artificial Scarcity : In order to amass illegitimate profit, businessman create artificial scarcity by hoarding. They sell it later at a......

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...Consumer awareness is about making the consumer aware of his/her rights.It is a marketing term which means that consumers are aware of products or services, its characteristics and the other marketing P’s (place to buy, price, and promotion).Though the first consumer movement began in England after the Second World War, a modern declaration about consumer’s rights was first made in the United States of America in 1962, where four basic consumer rights (choice, information, safety and to be heard ) were recognized. Ralph Nadar, a consumer activist, is considered as the father of ‘consumer movement’. March 15 is now celebrated as the World Consumer Rights Day. The United Nations in 1985 adopted, , certain guidelines to achieve the objectives of maintaining protection for consumers and to establish high level ethical conduct for those engaged in production and distribution of goods and services. High prices, duplicate articles, underweight and under – measurements, rough behavior, undue conditions, artificial scarcity are some of the ways by which consumers are exploited by manufacturers and traders. Limited information, limited supplies and low literacy are factors causing exploitation of consumers. In India, the concept of consumer protection is not new. References to the protection of consumer’s interest against exploitation by trade and industry, underweight and measurement, adulteration and punishment for these offences, were made in Kautilya’s ‘Arthashastra’.......

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...Building Brands - Of the Consumers, By the Consumers, For the Consumers In July 2006, HUL (then HLL) launched India’s first community portal exclusively belonging to a brand – The Sunsilk “Gang of Girls”. The initiative was an instant success with the number of members crossing the half million mark within six months of launching. It was HUL’s attempt to revive the Sunsilk brand. Today with a member base of 7.5 lakh users (a mere 2.5 lakh users in four and a half years), the success of Sunsilk’s brand building exercise is debatable. But, what cannot be denied is HUL’s early recognition of a marketing channel – Conversational Marketing - that is moving towards becoming the trend for marketing and brand building in 2012. The launch of Orkut in 2004 (later in India in 2006) and the rise of Facebook’s usage as everyday’s must activity, paved the way for a new kind of a marketing channel which we all know as “Social Media”. Today almost each brand has their own Facebook page which is “liked” by fans, where the brand gets promoted each time the target segment logs onto Facebook. But, not all brands have sufficiently leveraged the true value of social media. Social Media have been extensively used for advertising and sales promotion. So much so that the value of communities like Facebook to marketers has been questioned as to whether it is the right place to reach your consumer. The regular argument is the fact that Facebook advertisements have critically low......

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...Assignment 4 - The Consumer Elvis Hoggard Strayer University HSA 505 Health Services Strategic Marketing Dr. Pica-Branco November 16, 2011 1. Describe the selection process you would use to make the most cost –effective and employee-friendly decision. One major objective of the new health reform law – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is to ensure that the health insurance providers are regulated from driving up the cost of health insurance benefits. PPACA is supposed to allow families and businesses to choose the health coverage that is flexible and affordable. This new law applies to all health insurance plans. For example, in June 2010, the Department of Health and Human Services, Labor and the Treasury issued guidelines to enforce PPACA-which permitted children with pre-existing conditions gain coverage, and keep it, protect all Americans’ choice of doctors, and lifetime limits on care consumers may receive. ( In order to select an employee benefit package for...

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