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Consumers Take a Shine to Apple Inc.


This case describes Apple Inc. from humble beginnings in 1976, early success followed by near bankruptcy in the early 1980’s due to product flops, to the firing of Steve Jobs in 1985 as a result of internal conflicts and his return that led the company to extraordinary success over the past 10-15 years. The key component to Apple’s success has been their ability to determine customers’ current and future needs even before the customers themselves knew they needed it. Apple uses this information about customers needs to shape their pricing, promotion, and marketing strategies. Apple has also formulated a unique approach for their retail stores by aligning all aspects of their stores, from design to customer service, with the company image.

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1. How has Apple implemented the marketing concept? Apple has implemented the marketing concept by applying simplicity in their marketing approach. They understand the customer’s needs, both currently and in the future, and develop simple marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits and value of their products. DeMers (2014) cites a specific ad campaign, their Mac versus PC ads: 2 guys just standing and talking, set against a white background...Each ad aims to make one point, and one point only: one way in which Macs are better than PCs.

2. Describe the roles of Apple stores as an important part of its marketing strategy. The role of Apple stores in its marketing strategy is to provide customers an opportunity to not only purchase products but also to provide a hands-on experience. Apple’s products are very different from personal computers (PC) and in order for Apple to appeal to a target market of current PC users, they needed an environment where customers could touch and use Apple products. Store representatives could then…...

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