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Agenda for Southwood School Orientation
Case Study Evaluation
Michael Webb
University of Maryland

July 26, 2015
The Southwood School has able to recruit new employees for this school year. With the new recruitment strategies that they make they are able to hire new employees that are appropriate for the job as well that has the ability that could help in the success of the School. However, the management including the Principal and also the HR manager are looking for an idea for the Agenda that can be use in the orientation of the new employees. The School management wanted to insure that the orientation will give the new employees deeper understanding as well as the overview about the school together with its mission and vision. For the management, it is important that the orientation will give established all the concerns and issues that could prevent any casualties in the future. This will also insure that the new employees are knowledgeable about the policies and regulations of the school that will lessen the problem and conflicts.
The Employees revealed that they are not satisfied with the orientation that they received before. They say the orientation usually focuses on the introduction and benefits and it does not include any introduction with the School itself. With this, the management of the Southwood school needed to present a more meaningful and effective Agenda for the orientation of their New Employees. The agenda needed to last for one day which already includes the time of the break and lunch of the employees. In this orientation, the employees will meet all the representatives from HR, Information Technology, Finance and also the school administrator. The schedule and the time of each meeting should be analyzed properly so it will not create any inconvenience throughout the whole orientation. It is…...

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