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Big State University
Parking Services
To: Parking Garage Patrons On Campus
From: Leevem Guessin, Manager
Date: July 17, 2001
Re: Parking additions, removals, and closures
Over the course of the summer, the parking garage committee has decided to change designated parking spots. Check the table below for the restructured parking areas. These changes allow parking to be more efficient when entering and exiting lots.
Washtenaw Closure and Alternative Parking Method
The Washtenaw Street Garage will be closed Monday, August 20, 2001 (first day of fall classes), for construction. The temporary parking controls will be installed in the State Street Garage in early July. Parking meters will be set up in the lot north of the Student Union as an alternative parking area. That lot will consist of meters, University vehicle spaces, and handicap parking spaces. Be aware there are no "A" spaces in that location. The Washtenaw lot is expected to reopen on September 19, 2001. Once construction is completed, we will update you on further parking changes.
Removal and Additions to Parking Lots
When you return to campus the following changes will be made: Additional Spots | Removed Spots | 183 new "B" spaces will be added to the Marfab Street Garage. | All "B" and "C" spaces will be removed from State Street Garage | 360 "C" spaces will be added at Dire Courts lot. | All "C" spaces will be removed from Marfab Street Garage | 100 "C" spaces will be added at Stale Courts lot. | Grad house garage permits will be valid in State Street Garage. |

Permit “A” Updates
I have not yet received the bar codes for your "A" permits. When they are available, I will send a memo to let you know how to obtain one. I will make it as easy for you as I can. If you have any questions, please call me at 4-9494. Thank…...

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