Corporate Crime

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Corporate Crime
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Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a famous Roman Stoic Philosopher once said, “He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it.” This is absolutely true in the world today as we witness corruption in business. Alan Boeckmann, the CEO for Fluor, a multinational construction firm has chosen to lead a business with the highest level of ethical conduct and morals. In this paper I will discuss the background of the Fluor and discuss the companies rise to one of the most respected engineering firms in the world. I will also discuss the utilitarian and deontological choices that Alan Boeckmann has made regarding his companies conduct in a world where conduct in the construction industry has been less than desirable. Fluor has strived to be corruption free for many years because of Alan Boeckmann’s actions and conduct. To give you a better description of what Fluor specializes in, here’s a description from their corporate website.
“Fluor is a FORTUNE 500 company that delivers engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance (EPCM), and project management to governments and clients in diverse industries around the world. For nearly a century, clients have selected Fluor as their company of choice to complete challenging projects in remote parts of the world.” (Fluor, 2010)
This description of Fluor shows that they operate and do business around the world. Alan Boeckmann has been with Fluor for a number of years. He’s faced many challenges regarding the ethical conduct of his company as well as his own beliefs. Boeckmann, nearly 25 years ago was an engineer with Fluor and was asked by his supervisor to revise an order for materials that his supervisor had already sold for a personal profit (Fortune, 2009). Boeckmann learned early in his career about corruption as his supervisor was arrested in front of him. As…...

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