Correlation Between Race and Crime

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In Heather MacDonald’s article “Distorting the Truth About Crime and Race: The New York Times Is at It Again” she alludes that the New York Times is not keeping the public informed of crime rates. Instead, the Times is more interested with “giving specific racial breakdowns of every aspect of police behavior”(MacDonald). She feels that the New York City Police Department is unable to do their job without having to face allegations of racial disparity.
Ms. MacDonald indicates that the reason crime rates are higher amongst minorities than whites is not because of racial prejudices. She says it’s because the vast majority of crimes occur in minority neighborhoods by minority criminals against minority victims. Therefore, this drives police officers to those areas to arrest the individuals committing crimes.
In 1994, under the New York Police Department Commissioner William Bratton and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the proactive policing revolution began. The idea was to remain visible in so called hot spot areas to help prevent crime from occurring. This gave police officers the authority to question anyone that appeared suspicious. According to MacDonald, due to the implementation of this policy “over 10,000 black and Hispanic males are alive today who would have been dead,” but this type of information does not make front page news.
It appears that information concerning the positives associated with proactive policing is another issue Ms. MacDonald feels is not being reported by the New York Times. She claims the Times reporter did not ask minority supporters their opinion on the proactive policing policy. She declares minorities are asking for more police assistance in their neighborhoods. But why do they need more assistance? What is the root cause for the crime patterns that are occurring in these areas? Ms. MacDonald’s article does not address this. However, the…...

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