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Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures
Leroy Williams
HUM/105 World Mythology
August 19, 2015
Dr. Cheryl Lampshire

Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures Does anyone really know how the world was created? The creation of the world is a big mystery that may never be resolved. Many people mainly, religious believe that God created the world; and there are others that believe other creators were involved in the process of creating the world. I believe that creation is the most important subject in the myth culture. There are several meanings for creation but according to the dictionary "Creation" (n.d.), “creation is the act of producing or causing to exist; it is also the act of creating and engendering”. Creation myths describe the beginning of the world’s cosmic order. For many years there have been studies done, where scientist have been trying to decipher how the world was created and as of today there is no evidence that will help with its finding. With this paper I will discuss two myths the Aboriginal Myth and the Zulu Creation Myth. Which world or worlds, such as the earth, sky, and the underworld they represent, what the elements of these worlds are? Provide a description of the creators, where they female or male, and would gender actually make a difference? Additionally it will explain what they created, and will include the steps or cycles of creation. Will provide descriptions of any destruction or destroyers if necessary. The role of cosmic occurrences or natural phenomena, such as celestial bodies, wind, rain, floods, and fire will be discussed. I will compare the creations, creators, and the steps or cycle of creation, and the cosmic elements of the two myths. What the differences and similarities are and why cosmic or creation myths are important to a culture. What value do they all bring? The Aboriginal Myth was…...

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