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A Course in Light Speed Reading
A Return to Natural Intuitive Reading
Joseph Bennette

A Course in Light Speed Reading
A Return to Natural Intuitive Reading
Joseph Bennette
A Course in Light Speed Reading
A Return to Natural Intuitive Reading by Joseph Bennette
First Published
July 1997
Fifth Edition
ISBN 0-9631506-9-4
© Copyright 2001, Joseph Bennette. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means without consent or written permission of the author. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or position of anyone else. No guarantee as to applicability of this program is implied or expressed. Ideas, concepts, processes, and techniques offered in this book are intended to assist the reader in opening to their own intuitive processes and may appear different to each person. However, due to the many variables involved, I make no assertion, warranty or guarantee that all the information here will work for all people, all the time.
Available from:
Joseph Bennette
265 37th Ave SE
Salem, OR 97301

About the Author

Joseph Bennette holds Master Rapid Eye Technician (MRET) and Reiki
Master Teacher (RMT) certificates and is listed in the International Registry of Rapid Eye Technicians.
Joseph is a trainer with the Rapid Eye Institute, Salem, OR, and has
Doctorates in Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH) from the American Institute of
Hypnotherapy, Santa Ana, CA, and Psychology (Ph.D.) from American
Pacific University, Honolulu, HI. He is a board certified hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Advisor to the Oregon Hypnotherapy
Association, a member of the Association for Meridian Therapies, The
Association for Integrative Medicine, and The American Academy of
Experts in Traumatic Stress.
Joseph is in private practice in Salem, Oregon. With a wealth of clinical and…...

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