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Understanding Crime Trends in Dhaka city
Literature Review
In this modern technological sphere of human civilization ‘crime’ does not have any certain or universal definition. Though some the sociologists and criminologists have given some definition. In short, the deviation of law considered as crime. While every crime violets the law, not every violation of the law can traced as crime.
In the modern forms of crimes, mostly evolve centralizing the urbanization process. The rapid urbanization process and crime conduction has some intimate relationships. Since urbanization process heavily influence the socioeconomic condition of the third world country, so there could be the possibility of having different trends of crime. Rapid urban settlement is the feature of contemporary urbanization process in Bangladesh. Dhaka city turned into the center hub of all possible crime and criminal activity. So, how urbanization process could be integrated to understanding crime trends in Dhaka city, as well as overall crime scenario of Bangladesh, we will be looking for it. The study will cover major trends of crimes in the past years, for coming days. Simultaneously how crime trends could possibly be changed, with the socio-economic variables related to crime in urban areas.
The following literature reviews attempt to demonstrate and support the objectives of the study. In a research article by J. Walker, et al. (1990) was emphasized on the sectors and trends though. Australian rates of crime are in some respects very high compared with most other comparable countries. Australia is ranked third highest of the fourteen countries in terms of overall victimization, behind the other two non-European countries, the USA and Canada. In assaults involving force, in the less serious types of sexual incidents, in burglary and in motor vehicle thefts, Australia ranked highest of all the…...

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