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Critique of a Scholarly Journal

Fields, Barry (2012) Getting the balance right: The challenge of balancing praise and correction for early school years children who exhibit oppositional and defiant behaviour. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 37(4), 24-29.


The purpose of this article was to investigate how schools that have implemented a School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) approach are balancing praise and correction for early school years children who exhibit oppositional defiant behavior (ODB). The author’s hypothesis is that the students that display ODB would have greater opportunities for praise and reward when exhibiting appropriate behavior given the SWPBS environment.

Main Ideas/Concerns:

With more children in early childcare settings exhibiting oppositional defiant behavior it becomes more challenging to create a nurturing and supportive learning environment. Early intervention is more than likely to yield a positive outcome for many developmental problems. Behavior improvement interventions have been found to be more effective when implemented across multiple settings. For pre-school and early childhood students, the most important settings for those interventions are the home and school (or childcare center). However the number of parents that incorporate any level of intervention in the home setting is unknown.

Traditionally schools have focused on the inappropriate behavior and how to eliminate it. There are a number of programs and interventions that both parent and teacher could utilize. Most emphasize the teaching of desired behaviors, and reinforcement when displayed. However these programs like many others can be expensive and/or highly time consuming. The behavior intervention model highlighted in this article, SWPBS,…...

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