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Why Employees DON’T DO what they’re supposed to do.. and What TO DO about it.
By David F. Alessandro

The book opens up with discussing hidden influences that affect employees. He suggested though out the book that it is primarily a lack of quality management that leads to poor performances. His approach is to utilize 16 predetermined influences and offer examples and solutions to each. The format of the book is very simple and easy to read. The author uses each chapter to address the influence and breaks each one of them down systematically and consistently. The book in itself could almost be used as a quick reference for managers. It does have some quality advice and suggestions on how to deal with the situations. The flaw that I believe the author does not fully address or develop is that he places all of the blame for each suggestion on management. He is not inclusive with management. They to have their own issues and learning opportunities and will need assisted. He does attempt to address this situation in his Q&A at the end of the book, but simply relies on the 16 influences and that everything else is covered in this report or that report. I am to read the book and believe that this is the absolute solution and yet the last stance is if it is not in my suggestions then it is somewhere else and we do not have to deal with it. The Author references “They don’t know why they should do it” in the first chapter. The first issue is that employees frequently get mixed messages and/or infer different themes from information. I know that from personal experience, and it does not matter the size of the group, I can read verbatim from a stand up talk and will get several different summations of what was said. The same reasons he lists are the same things that management deals with on a multi-faceted level. The 16 are not…...

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 ALESSANDRO MAGNO !1 Alessandro III di Macedonia. 20 luglio 356 - 10 giugno 323 Le Fonti. Una gran parte degli scritti di questo periodo sono stati perduti, e la stragrande maggioranza di quello che è arrivato a noi sono rielaborazioni dei testi contemporanei ad opera di autori successivi. Si incontrano principalmente tre stili e quattro tematiche. Per quanto riguarda gli stili abbiamo: quello retorico, curato, armonico ed elegante; quello drammatico o tragico, ricco di phàtos ed elementi meravigliosi, principalmente ritrovato nella storiografia sui diadochi; quello pragmatico, che tratta i nudi avvenimenti con relazione causale, esponente di spicco fu Polibio di Megalopoli. Le quattro grandi tematiche sono A., i Diadochi, la storiografia locale e le narrazioni su popolazioni lontane. Durante il periodo dei Diadochi gli storici usavano schierarsi a favore di uno piuttosto che un altro; riguardo la produzione locale era in uso scrivere in difesa delle tradizioni; le storie sulle popolazioni cosiddette lontane parlano degli Orientali come delle popolazioni a Ovest della Grecia. La prima tematica affrontata è, ovviamente, Alessandro Magno. Molti storici che hanno trattato riguardo le imprese del condottiero macedone non solo furono suoi contemporanei, ma parteciparono in prima persona alla spedizione in Asia; nonostante ciò è quasi impossibile riuscire a comprendere fino in......

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