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Research Report: Corporate Culture Meets Structure
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An organization is a unit of individuals that is arranged to pursue shared goals. All organizations include an exclusive alignment that defines the connections among both its activities and members. This unique configuration, also known as structure partitions and allocates positions, duties, and authority to carry out a variety of tasks. While structure plays a vital role in organizational success, one can’t deny the fact that corporate culture too is necessary in attaining these achievements. It takes the appropriate influential mixture of both culture and structure, to attain ultimate success; in other words, you cannot have one without the other because they both stimulate and support each other.
Culture at the organizational level, defines the behavior of individuals in a professional manner. Organizational culture is values that are usually learned from leadership. Daft defines culture as “the set of values, norms, guiding beliefs, and understandings shared by members of an organization” (Daft, 2013, p. 392). Examples of culture include, but are not limited to: symbols, slogans, stories, and ceremonies. All of these entities display a physical representation of an organization by conveying a shared comprehension of its existence. No matter who or where you are the McDonald’s logo is recognized and associated with its theme “I’m Loving It”. The culture of this organization is known nationwide.
The ability to accommodate the fluctuating aspects of culture is necessary when it comes to generating a structural atmosphere that permits knowledge and innovative responses to various challenges, intimidations, and possible upcoming opportunities. Daft mentions, an organizational manager “must…...

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